NMG (New Music Group) is an application that keeps you up to date on everything you want to know about underground techno music. It informs you with new albums, festivals, club nights, playlists, mixtapes and venues. The home page shows the most recent posts from lineup announcements to interviews with club owners.

You can buy tickets and music and you get exclusive early accescontent with a premium account.



In this section of the app you can browse, rate and download music within the app. That means that when you have a premium account ($4.00 a month) you can download unlimited music. Also with one click you can see the first upcoming event where your favourite dj’s play.


Due to multiple owned rights, NMG is always the first app that is up to date when it comes to techno events. This gives you (even without a premium account) the possibillity to be the first one to get your tickets for that sick festival next summer.We also do a monthly giveaway . This means you can win  festival tickets or vinyl music.


phone:  06 3626 3398